Monday, December 8, 2008



I spend the week of Thanksgiving in and around Knoxville, Tennessee and Ashville, North Carolina, as guest of Sarah and her parents. What beautiful country this is! And I do not say this just because I am American citizen now and have a sudden rush of patriotism. Rolling green (there is pine and still some hemlock) ridges, if seen from up high changing into fading shades of steel blue. Really pretty!

This is LULU

We went hiking and geeking out on plants, shopped at famous Hammer’s in Clinton (I got me a flannel plaid John Deere jacket-!), had a memorable dinner at ‘Tables’, explored the brand new arboretum and kept eating well thanks to Liz.

I did very much enjoy the flora being so different to up north - but here the trees rule! To me extensive deciduous forests like these are still exotic.

Our rental in front of Starbucks...

We gave considerable business to various Starbucks’ in the two states, some being actual drive-throughs. In NY I am not such a fan, but out here driving, they are fabulous I have to admit.

Great shopping out here!

The only thing missing was DOLLYWOOD. I am a great fan, and we drove right by it - but I was told it was the wrong time of year, so I am looking forward to to a similar trip in the spring! 

The Smoky Mountains